Maximising gains from workout programs.

Maximising gains from workout programs looks difficult! You have been giving your sweat and blood to your workout programs and nutrition. But, are you often worried about not seeing results? So, How do you maximise gains from workout programs?

Irrespective of what your individual fitness goals are, every exercise is instrumental to your health and wellness. With some exceptions though, to your pre-existing medical conditions. The whole idea of a workout program is to make you optimally functional , give you the desired results and to keep you injury-free, outside of your gym. How do we idealise the results from our training program?

1. Assess your body

Assess your body, prior to planning a workout schedule. It goes on a long way into knowing, what your requirements are? A thorough examination of your current physical state and medical ailments if any, is essential in maximising the results from a program. A superior workout program is also vital. Never hit on the weights without analysing your physical condition. Working out, without understanding the nature of body and it’s state can sever the performance and eventually results.

2. Plan your training program

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Maximising gains from workout programs is easy when we program properly. Before you start your workout regime, planning is essential. Plan your activities based on your assessment, requirements, time constraints. Idea is to divide your workout on a schedule, where you train specific muscle groups on a particular day. Depending on the time you have and your goals, target for a 3-6 days workout program. Decide on the intensity of the workout, if you are on a fat loss program. HIIT , Metabolic Conditioning training are great ways to faster fat loss. Program your workout schedule for a 2-4 weeks cycle. Depending on your progress, switch your program. Because, after a couple of weeks, your body gets used to a schedule, moreover, switching provides variety to your program. Your body responds progressively to a changing program.

3. Warm up

Warm up is an essential part of your training, because it increases the oxygen flow to your whole body. Moreover, it also lubricates your joints, reducing your chances of injury during training. You should have at least 15 mins of warm-up in your daily program to prepare your body pre-workout. Your warm-up must include;

  1. Dynamic stretches : Dynamic stretches are a great way to open up your joints and get the blood circulated to your whole body. Some examples include, lateral hip rotation, medial hip rotation.
  2. A brisk walk, or interval sprinting(1:1 for time) for 10-15 mins. A brisk walk or an interval run get’s the oxygen pumping to your circulatory system, providing your body, the required fuel for performance.
  3. Mobility Drills : Mobility drills are again an equivalent of sprinting. Examples include, side shuffles, box shuffles, etc. Mobility drills gets your heart pumping increasing cardiovascular capacity. It also helps build up your muscular endurance. Reference.

4. Know the basics of your exercises

It is also necessary to know the techniques of the workout. A proper form of a workout allows the muscles to contract to their maximum capacity. Hence, increasing performance. It also gives the bones that extra freedom of movement. A proper form balances your muscles and corrects your body structures. A balanced body always performs better, giving optimum results.

4. Stay hydrated during workout

During intense workout, your body starts burning glucose to feed itself with energy, however, lactic acid is generated as a by-product. Lactic acid generation can cause discomfort, soreness in muscles, temporary though. In order to replenish your body of the lost energy, hydrating is essential. Lactic acid build up is another reason, why muscles get cramped. Hence staying hydrated every 20 mins of intense exercise is necessary.

5. Static stretches post workout

Like warm ups, cool down is also necessary for the body. Muscles often gets stiffened after an intense workout session. Static stretches, relaxes the muscles. Importantly, it increases the range of motion. and flexibility of joints. A better range of motion means muscles can reach their maximum flexion and extension. The degree of freedom of the joints also improves. As a result of which, the performance gets better.

Having said all that, we should not neglect the importance of proper rest. Muscle grows only during rest. Rest during working and post that is highly essential for recovery and growth. Maximising gains from workout programs becomes easy when, we stick to the basics, know your body’s limitations, shock your body with new regimes, have a proper warm-up and a cool down. Forget not to keep yourself hydrated.

You can go on and kill your next set now…


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