5 things that happens to your body, when you run.

Running is a method of terrestrial locomotion” allowing humans and other animals to move rapidly on foot.” – Wikipedia

Humans are genetically designed to run. From an early age, when humans had to run to evade the predator, to this age of marathons, running has been a part of life. You don’t have to be an athlete to run. It’s a highly functional activity and the benefits are numerous, let alone, sweating and fat loss. This is what actually happens to your body when you run:

As you run, you burn up the reserved energy, in order to re-fuel your body more oxygen is required. To capacitate the increase in oxygen requirements the heart beats faster, resulting in faster blood circulation. The increase in heart rate, sees an enhancement in blood circulation. The cardiac muscles endurance increases as it contracts to release blood into the arteries to meet the heightened requirements. This strengthens the cardiac muscles. As a whole, the cardiovascular system performs better.

Wondering what running does to your body! It does a world of good to your mind too. Running improves your brain power. As evidently, your oxygen intake increases with running, so does increased blood circulation. Brain requires blood and oxygen for proper functioning. Increased circulation boosts up the brain power. An enhanced brain has a enhanced memory and with age you remember better, if you run.

With increased brain activity, there’s a surge in secretion of neuro-chemicals. The brain releases, Endorphins, which helps lighten our moods, hence, helps in fighting stress and anxiety. It also releases Serotonin, which is the best-know happiness chemicals. A better mood means a better sleep cycle. A better sleep cycle results in a better recovery process. As you recover better, you starting to feel good about your body. Isn’t it amazing; How brain improves your mood, when you run? And eventually life.

Running involves a lot of muscle groups in your whole body. The muscles contracts and relaxes when you run, providing you the necessary motion. The constant contraction of the muscles increases muscle strength and endurance. With increased muscle strength and endurance, and an improved cardiovascular system, your overall stamina amplifies.

Osteoporosis; the condition that weakens the bone and makes it fragile and likely to break, is a serious cause of concern and affects nearly 200 million people worldwide. The case in women, is much more pre-dominant than men, considering the smaller, thinner bones that women have. Upon menopause, the secretion of Estrogen(A hormone that protects bone) reduces making them more susceptible to bone loss. Since, running is a high impact activity, that produces an average of 2000N force when the foot impacts on the ground. The reactive force from the impact, translates from the ground to the legs, hips and eventually to the whole body. The stress on the bones increases, resulting in increased bone density. A denser bone is a stronger bone and is less likely to break.

Balancing physical activity with a proper nutrition can work wonders for an individual. What’s best than running? All you need is a pair of good shoes and get going.


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