Is your exercise regime functional enough?

Has the idea of fitness become materialistic over the years? Well, the question is a little tricky, but in a general sense it’s Yes. Now, what does that mean? To the common public, fitness means, a hard body, boulder shoulders, biceps like guns, a six-packs abs. That, however is a misconception.

Our body is designed to move, to do our daily work optimally and to the best of it’s capabilities. The hard outer self is just a facade, fitness actually means a lot more. As Halbert L. Dunn has rightly mentioned; Fitness is:

a direction in progress toward an ever-higher potential of functioning… it requires that the individual maintain a continuum of balance and purposeful direction within the environment where he is functioning”.

No matter, how much muscle you build, you will shed it one day. That’s a fact! But to be able to constantly move, jump, run, kick, do your daily activities for a longer period of time is what qualifies to be fit. It’s obvious that you might slow down with age, but there’s no stopping. So, the question is; How to gain such a level a fitness?

The most important thing is, that everyone needs to remember is fitness is a progressive change in our lifestyle and functioning, to be optimal. Like with everything, it also requires time, patience, persistence and training. Now that we know the How. Let’s get into the What. There are certain things that we can incorporate as part of a lifestyle change and training our body for a successful existence.

  1. Have an active life style. Walk up to the grocery store at times. Take the stairs to your home or office, Run a little, play a little, etc.
  2. Incorporate a healthy nutrition plan. A healthy nutrition is required to balance your body and provide energy for an active life.
  3. If you want to take it to the next level, incorporate functional training into your exercise regime.

Functional Training : Well, functional training is one of the buzz words in the fitness industry of late. Functional training is nothing but, training that lets you achieve your maximum functioning. It’s the best way you be in shape and to maintain it, in addition to being agile, mobile, flexible, have a better endurance, increase muscular strength and endurance, have a better body balance.

Thinking fitness, incorporate functional training. Bodybuilders grow on trees, but to be able to constantly run, jump, kick, do our activities with our best of capabilities and progressively functioning calls for a thought to reflect upon.


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