Why should you incorporate mobility training pre-workout?

I have been a fitness enthusiast all my life. Playing multiple sports, bicycling, marathons have always been a my part of life. However, until I studied functional fitness athlete program, I was ignorant of what is known as Mobility Training or Dynamic Stretching.

It’s one of the fundamental principles of training that most trainers in the Fitness industry are oblivious to. Albeit, every time you walk to your trainer for some warm-ups, you are asked to do static stretches. Remember, doing those triceps and biceps stretches. Now, why are static stretches, a waste of energy and time, pre-workout?

Before you start your actual training, you goal should be to prepare your body completely, to be ready for the pounding. Incorporating static stretches at the beginning of the workout, causes micro-tears in the body which at times leads to decrease in overall performance and heightens the chances of injuries.

On the other hand, Mobility training, also know as flexibility training or active dynamic stretching builds up the body, facilitating movement and improving performance. Additionally, it increases the blood flow to your joints and muscles. Hence, reducing the changes of injury during training and after.

Every time, you were asked by your trainer to do static stretches or include those pre-workout supplements to increase performance, remember, there’s a better alternative to them, that is;Mobility Training.

Stay tuned for a list of mobility drills that you can incorporate in your training regime.. (To Be Continued)


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