Did your trainer say, crunches?

Did you just walk to your regular trainer in your local gym, with the hope that you would get those flat abdomens? And what’s the first thing that you were asked to do? Crunches! Isn’t it? You do 1000s of crunches and come out hurting your neck, spine and waist. Most trainers are ignorant of this fact.

Crunches are a waste of a exercise if your are targeting fats in your core area. Here’s why;

  • They put additional stress on your spine.
  • Your lower abs and waist are not in action, leading to muscular imbalance.

The best way to train your core is to incorporate functional movements in your core training, like Mountain climbers, Hanging leg raises, Glute bridges, Toes to bar, L-sits, Med ball twists, etc. Functional movements involve a lot of muscle groups instead of primarily targeting your abs, which results in faster fat loss and balances your core muscles.


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